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Terms & Conditions

1. Website operation

1.1. The terms and conditions refer to the agreement between AutoClaim (we) and the user (you). This agreement is a legally binding document on the use of autoclaim.in (website) and is an agreement that the parties must comply with. By using this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1.2. Faucethub infrastructure is used on our website, so when you start to use our website, you agree to the rules and contract Faucethub.io website.

1.3. The user , in advance, accepts the changes on these terms by FaucetHub. Any required changes or updates made by us are to be published on this page. Your continued use of this site and our services after such changes means that you accept the amended Terms. Please check the latest information posted to be notified of the changes.

1.4 AutoClaim accepts no responsibility for users due to interruption of website services, periodic maintenance work, any server errors, updates, any changes in crypto coins, technical problems in wallet accounts, any problems caused by Faucethub.

2. User Rights, AutoClaim Rights and Prohibited Transactions

2.1. The users can have only one wallet address per cryptocurrency in the system. Using two wallet addresses for the same cryptocurrency at the same time is prohibited. That will cause the users` account to be deleted.

2.2. If the user starts using a new wallet address, the balance in the wallet cannot be transferred to another account.

2.3. In the situation of a security breach caused by a 3rd party or software, we reserve the right to retain the payments for a period of time that is not specified.

2.4. If a user is guilty of suspected / malicious activities (unauthorized access, exploitation or exploitation, reducing service performance, DDOS attack, bot / VPN / proxy usage, etc.), he / she is not able to get the payment and we have the right to ban his/her account and IP address on our website. In such cases, legal sanctions may be applied if deemed necessary.

2.5. We reserve the right to change the quoted prices at any time without prior notice. Please follow the charge pages for up-to-date information.

2.6. We reserve the right to change or remove any website features without prior notice.

2.7. The user is responsible for the security of the accounts on the site. No liability for loss of balances or damage to your account if the user is a self-reliant security breach (theft of your account, etc.).

2.8. Currently no personal information or verification is required for users to use our website. If necessary, identical information and documents can be required from the user. Until this verification process is performed, we have the right to disallow payment and to ban the account.

2.9. Suspicious transactions, such as over-claims, are considered malicious and may result in your account being blocked.

2.10. Using our website is completely free of charges. We do not demand any cash, cryptocurrency or any other type of funds.

2.11. The terms of using crypto coins may vary by the country. Therefore, all kinds of legal liability and savings of the crypto coins provided by us belongs to the user.

2.12. Cookies are used to make the most efficient use of our site and to improve the user advertising experience. Cookies must be activated in order to use our site without any problems.

2.13. Our site (Autoclaim.in) is intended for entertainment use. Therefore, any tax, legal responsibility belongs to the user.

2.14. In order to maintain our services, there are ads on our site. The users must display these ads. Therefor it is forbidden to use any type of adblocker on our site. Otherwise, your account may be considered suspicious or your account may be deactivated or banned.

2.15. The ads or short-link sites shown on our site are not under our responsibility and control. AutoClaim accepts no responsibility for any inconvenience or problems that may arise. However, justifications from the user will be evaluated.

2.16. If necessary, the user can send us any questions and problems via the contact form on our website. The writing language is English.

2.17. Occasionally we are making updates as AutoClaim to provide better service in our site, and we always announce the downtime-problems in our social media accounts.

2.18. Our announcements on our site or in our social media account apply to you. Please disregard any other announcements made by third parties or other websites or social media accounts except for our own accounts.

2.19. You are responsible for any tax and other legal obligations with respect to your use of the Services and Digital Content.

2.20. The services we provide and digital content are intended only for users over 18 years of age. We accept that you are over 18 years old when you start using our site.

3. Copyrights

3.1. Copyrights, trademarks, and all other rights in connection with this website are the property of AutoClaim or its partner companies unless the reverse stated. Users are asked to respect the protection provided to copyright, trademark and other rights holders.

3.2. Users are prohibited from using, transferring, copying, distributing or modifying data, images and all or any other content from this website without the consent of AutoClaimt or such data, images and content rights.

4. Account termination, account deletion and account freezing

4.1. Accounts can be deleted at the user's request, but various data is stored.

4.2. AutoClaim may suspend, disable, freeze or delete your account if it determines that you violate any provision of this Agreement or that your behaviour may damage AutoClaim's reputation. AutoClaim can prevent your IP address or personal Hash generated to prevent further recording.

4.3. The account can be frozen automatically by the anti-fraud system. In this context, it is not possible to reactivate any account manually.

4.4. The cryptocurrency wallets provided by AutoClaim is not dedicated to use as savings wallets, and the balance the wallet is under the responsibility of the users. In a different state or situation, the inactive user accepts that his/her account will be deleted at the end of 90 days at the latest and after 90 days he cannot claim any rights even though there is a balance within his account.