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DH8RPCVX79CmBuQT###83KHhtneCAjpL91 245.46267007 DOGE 4260 of 406600 22.04.2019 00:00
D8c2MBNmmYd5f2d7###hgSWBUBvXtmY2ZN 10.10951218 DGB 309 of 17077 15.04.2019 00:00
BGx8jbMWwKyMApEi###vg1ub2z3XDKAT1t 3.05772969 BLK 464 of 17629 08.04.2019 00:00
8BnC3KNHtNVC7HxmGegwgXRvVFbRmmiEf4maLjnddwSVEG7###jRRSP1htVEPLRXHJYYeqgnpXLWLWUNRrHBDS3KEEqNJh9 0.00776586 XMR 4470 of 88711 01.04.2019 00:00
BSsZVHXf37fnfADL###b2kV6cExJ9j4G3E 5.79580654 BLK 86 of 60519 25.03.2019 00:00
AZ1H3V7gb6kshTuF###64CSNNpoSjAohRs 1.61887427 XPM 1547 of 72784 18.03.2019 00:00