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Get free coins automatically

instantly in to your FAUCETHUB account!


Now every PPC claim you do is giving you a free lottery ticket!


0.02502676 PPC


Pick your category!

As the first step, pick one of the three categories included on the website. AUTO CLAIM in which you will be paid each minute, every 2 minutes or every 5 minutes. MANUAL CLAIM category in which you can be paid for once at your first move.

Complete the beginning process!

To be able to start claiming you need to select which coin you will claim and state your wallet adress linked to FaucetHub first. Secondly choose the captcha with which you will end the verification. You will make the claim started in the following few seconds when you click "Start Claiming" button.

The shortlink step!

You will be led to any shortlink website where you are to fulfil the needed process automatically when you click Start Claiming.

You are ready!

You will be redirected back to our website automatically when you carry out the process at the shortlink website. According to the category you picked at the beginning you may start to get the payments now. You can make several claims simultaneously via different tabs on your browser if you want.

Important In the all claiming areas there isn't any Miner / Virus / Malware encountered. We don’t hold in check any of the ads sprung out on our website and on shortlinks. We will be glad if you inform us by sending mail via [email protected] or by sending private message via social media accounts or FaucetHub when you face any problem.


Please select the claiming category!

Payments to your balance

If you collect coins from this menu, your payments will be credited to your wallet account on our site. You can withdraw directly to FaucetHub at any time from the Claim page without any limit.

Payments directly to FaucetHub

If you collect coins from this menu, payments will be made directly to FaucetHub. Please compare our offers in all categories before you decide.


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